Public Safety DAS Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC)

RadioBoost Public Safety Distributed Antenna System

RadioBoost ERRC is a Public Safety radio booster system that provides wireless services via a distributed antenna system.  Reliable public safety communications are essential to the safety of your residents, staff and first responders.

Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

RadioBoost is a Turn Key Solution For Public Safety


Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A RadioBoost DAS for public safety ensures that emergency personnel and first responders are able to maintain reliable 2-way radio communications with each other inside a building and with dispatch.

In post-9/11 United States, regulations and recommendations have been made at the national, state and local levels mandating emergency responder communications for building occupancy.  RadioBoost fulfills the requirements for national, state and local ordinance that mandates coverage.  RadioBoost Distributed Antenna Systems provides coverage in the 150 MHz (VHF), 450Mhz (UHF) and 700/800 (LMR) band with the ability to provide coverage in future bands as mandated. 

Turn-Key Solution

Spot On Networks employs full-time GROL (General radio operators license) engineers in-house to handle all aspects of radio coverage for the building owner including:

  • Working directly with the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to determine coverage requirements
  • Site survey and heat mapping
  • Design and Installation of the system
  • Walk-throughs and certification with the AHJ
  • Annual re-certifications

Requirements and Coverage

Your RadioBoost Distributed Antenna System will meet all system requirements as required by your AHJ, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the IFC (International Fire Code).  Spot On GROL engineers will perform an exhaustive site-survey of your property to determine where coverage is required to ensure your system meets the mandates for coverage.

Understanding Public Safety Radio Coverage/ ERRC Mandates

IFC 510

  • All new buildings shall have approved radio coverage for emergency responders within the building based upon the existing coverage levels of the public safety communication systems of the jurisdiction at the exterior of the building.

National Fire Protection Act 72

  • "the application, installation, location, performance, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire warning equipment, and emergency warning equipment and their components"

IFC and NFPA codes have been adopted by federal, state and local municipalities.  Each Municipality determines its own requirements that must be met to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).  The AHJ, typicall the local Fire Official, is the last word on system certification and CO.    Spot On Networks works directly with all of the certifying parties to ensure that buildings meeting the mandated requirements and are able to obtain their CO in time for occupancy.

When do I get Spot On involved?

When it comes to a Public Safety DAS, time is of the essence.  We recommend that a building owner get us involved AT LEAST 6 months prior to occupancy so that we may begin interfacing with the AHJ and determining coverage needs.  Certain DAS equipment may need to be customized to fulfill coverage requirement and can have long lead times, please get Spot On involved as soon as possible!


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