Managed WiFi & WiFi Calling with Tessellated Grid

Managed WiFi & WiFi Calling with Tessellated Grid

WiFi will be the primary method of voice communications in 2020 according to Cisco and is the most request amenity among apartment renters   - so what is your property waiting for?  Get Spot On Managed WiFi Today!

Wi-Fi Calling - The Ideal Voice Solution for Multifamily

Over 50% of voice calls originate over Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi is the perfect solution for in-building voice - it is cost effective for building owners, quick to deploy, provides reliable voice coverage and high speed Wi-Fi internet!  Wi-Fi is the most request amenity by today's residents and Spot On Wi-Fi solves the in-building cellular coverage problem! 

To use Wi-Fi Calling as an in-building wireless solution, building owners need to procure a managed Wi-Fi internet service provider to ensure that voice traffic is consistent and prioritized.  A Spot On Wi-Fi Calling network uses QoS (Quality of Service) and VPP (Voice Packet Prioritization) to manage the voice communications so residents have consistent and reliable coverage.

How does Wi-Fi Calling work?

Residents make calls the same way that they do over cellular - there is no difference to the resident.  In fact, surveys done of residents show that they often don't even know what network they are using - they just care that it works!  Spot On Wi-Fi Calling provides coverage throughout the entire property so that residents have voice coverage on their smartphones wherever they are.  

Will 5G solve our in-building cellular coverage issues?

No, in fact if your property has 4G/LTE coverage issues inside, the likely hood is that the problem will worsen with the deployment of 5G because it operates at a lower frequency.  The good news is that now the cellular and Wi-Fi industries are finally working together to compliment each other - cellular on the outside, Wi-Fi on the inside!  

What Does Wi-Fi Cost to Deploy?

Wi-Fi is the most cost effective voice solution for multifamily buildings and also the most versatile.  The average cost to deploy Wi-Fi in a MDU/MTU is $0.40/ sq. ft., often 1/5 of the cost to deploy a traditional DAS.


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